How To Mix A Vocal That Sounds Professional In As Little As 15minutes ... Without Expensive Analog Equipment!

The truth is I remembered when I started learning how to mix. Mixing vocals caused me a lot of headaches. It’s either too harsh or too dull; or too boomy and muddy or too thin! I could never get it right!

I remembered those dark days so vividly. I would sit there for hours tweaking and tweaking away.

I had no idea what I was doing, nor the confidence to know when I got it right. As a result, I did what we all did: watch a gazillion hours of YouTube videos and purchased every course out there on mixing!

Yes, I did!

After trying everything and nothing worked, I typically started stalking famous engineers (and their assistants) online and in-person.

Yes, I know, yes it sounds crazy but I was desperate! (that’s how I got the bonus pdf included in this course - Katy Perry Vocal Mix Cheat Sheet)

And I was fortunate to meet Dave Pensado who critiqued my mixes for about 2 hours, twice! And Jaycen Joshua, Richard Furch, Prince Charles Alexandra, Dylan Dresdow and many more.

Honestly, I was really depressed.

Because this one mixing challenge was the one thing stopping me from moving forward with my career.

Therefore without a doubt, I knew I had to find a way to unravel this mystery. So after many hours of practicing and sleepless nights of mixing, experimenting, researching and stalking….haha,

My ears began hearing better, or I should say my mind began to comprehend what my ears were hearing. There was an epiphany moment, where it all just clicked for me like it did for "Neo in the Matrix".

I had unknowingly developed my own sonic taste and came up with a mixing system, a vocal mixing chain, step by step guide that I could repeat, tweak and update as need be. And that is what I desire to share with you guys in this course.

My Way Out! As my gift to you!

You’ll get to benefit from all my pain and suffering for only $15 Today!

On top of that, I'm also throwing in some other bonuses.



  • Rap and Pop Vocal Mixing Course Video ($97 Value)

  • 7 Step by Step Guide To A Professional Vocal Sound PDF Included (WORKS IN ALL DAW) ($97 Value)

  • Katy Perry Vocal Mixing Chain BONUS PDF included (HANDED TO ME BY A FAMOUS MIX ENGINEER IN LA) . ($299 Value)

  • 7 Carefully Hand-picked Vocal Mixing Video Links (My Favorite Videos)


What You will Learn:

  • Corrective EQ -  how to remove annoying frequencies

  • Dynamic Peak Compression -  how to tame unruly peaks for a more consistent vocal

  • Tonal Shaping EQ - how to bring out presence, midrange power, and air 

  • De-esser - how to reduce and tame sibilance or harshness 

  • Tonal Density Compression - how to create a more compactness in vocal sound quality

  • Volume - how to add gain and volume

  • Saturation - how to warm up the vocal sound and increase pleasant harmonics


Production and Mixing Samples:


Testimonials and Reviews

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