Vocal Mixing Course: Rap and Pop Vocal Mixing

Vocal Mixing Course: Rap and Pop Vocal Mixing

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How To Mix A Vocal That Sounds Professional In As Little As 15minutes ... Without Expensive Analog Equipment!



Rap and Pop Vocal Mixing Course

7 Step by Step Guide To A Professional Vocal Sound PDF Included (WORKS IN ALL DAW) ($97 Value)

Katy Perry Vocal Mixing Chain BONUS PDF included (HANDED TO ME BY A FAMOUS MIX ENGINEER IN LA) . ($299 Value)

7 Carefully Hand-picked Vocal Mixing Video Links (My Favorite Videos)

What You will Learn:

1. Corrective EQ -  remove annoying frequencies

2. Dynamic Peak Compression -  tame unruly peaks for more consistent vocal

3. Tonal Shaping EQ - bring out presence, midrange power, and air 

4. De-Esser - reduce and tame sibilance or harshness 

5. Tonal Density Compression - create a more compactness in sound quality

6. Volume - add gain and volume

7. Saturation - warm up the sound and increase pleasant harmonics

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