COMPLETE Vocal Mixing Course: Rap/ Pop Vocal Mixing Techniques

COMPLETE Vocal Mixing Course: Rap/ Pop Vocal Mixing Techniques

24.95 99.00

What’s Included in the Box:

  • Mixing Rap/ Pop Vocals (EQ, Compression, Tone Shaping, Saturation)

  • Mixing Reverb on Vocals Rap/ Pop ( Modern Reverb Style + Delay)

  • 7 Step-by-Step Guide Vocal Mixing Chain PDF (Explained in the Video)

  • BONUS Katy Perry Vocal Mixing Chain PDF

  • BONUS 7 favorite video resources on vocal mixing

Learn How To Mix Vocal That Sounds Professional….Using Only Stock Plugins!

GET Consistent Good Sounding Rap or Pop Vocals…

Without Years of Experience.

Without Analog Equipment.

Without Acoustically Treated Room.

No Expensive Plugins.

What You’ll Get From This Course:

  • How to take a vocal from raw performance to sounding radio ready and professional

  • How to troubleshoot what is missing in your your chain

  • You will learn the philosophy and mindset to consistently get great vocal sound

  • How to EQ vocals properly using making it sound harsh or honky or boomy.

  • How to compress vocals properly without squashing all the dynamics.

  • How to use modern reverb on vocals without washing it out and also create depth.

  • How to use delay to create with and depth.


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Happy Mixing :)