GSol Production Mixing and Mastering

GSol Production Mixing and Mastering


What is Mix and Master

Mix and master is the one the most important stage in every professional music production. This is the stage of music production that separates the Pros from the novices. A bad mix and master can turn a record everyone thought was a hit song into garbage. A good mix can make or break a record. A great engineer who knows his stuff is key. - YG

You may have a great a song, great lyrics and ear-candy melody. Even the best producer to produce it. But if you mess up at the mixing and mastering stage, your chances of having potential hit song is drastically reduced.

There is no better sound than a properly Mixed & Mastered song. An expert engineer can give you a good balanced mix that has all of the instruments properly placed in a stereo field. Your lead vocals will be up front, shining; while, sounding clean & pristine. This is the kind of sound you can get from GSol Production Studios.

What is Mixing

Combining multiple sounds into one channel is called Audio Mixing. This type of creative treatment is done to appeal to listeners. At GSol Production, world-renowned artists experience the spectrum of audio services starting from pre-production to audio tracking and audio mixing. Request a free quote or consultation.

What is Mastering

Mastering is the last advance stage of audio creation. The reason for mastering is to adjust sonic components of a stereo blend and improve playback over all audio devices and media formats. At GSol Production Mastering Studio, we utilize high-end tools; such as, compressors, equalizers, limiters, multi-band compressors, stereo enhancers, saturation and moreā€¦.. Request a free quote or consultation, today!