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What does a Mixing Engineer do?


A mixing engineer or mix engineer, is a person responsible for merging the different multitrack recording of vocals, instruments and sound effects into a unified two stereo track, generally called a “final mix" or "mixdown”. The engineer blends the components of a recorded piece together in order to accomplish a decent balance of volume, while using different properties; such as, panning, reverb, delays, and etc.


Mixing & Mastering Engineer


There is no better sound than a properly Mixed & Mastered song. Let us give you a good mix that has all of the instruments properly placed and balanced. Your lead vocals will be up front, shining; while, sounding clean & pristine.



Combining multiple sounds into one channel is called Audio Mixing. This type of creative treatment is done to appeal to listeners. At GSol Production, world-renowned artists experience the spectrum of audio services starting from pre-production to audio tracking and audio mixing. Request a free quote or consultation.


Mastering is the last advance stage of audio creation. The reason for mastering is to adjust sonic components of a stereo blend and improve playback over all audio devices and media formats. At GSol Production Mastering Studio, we utilize high-end tools; such as, compressors, equalizers, limiters, multi-band compressors, stereo enhancers, saturation and more….. Request a free quote or consultation, today!