How To Professionally Mix and Master Vocals


In this article, I’m going to give you all the steps you need to achieve professional sounding mixed and mastered vocals . I remembered when I started learning mixing, I would search everywhere looking really helpful actionable info.

All I could find online were old 1950s recording and mixing mindsets (though were somewhat helpful) that will not get your production or sound anywhere close to where the competition is at today. And incase you have not noticed-the competition is fierce!

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Let me give you what I wished I had when I was a beginner mixing engineer!

9 step by step guide to a professional sounding vocal


Step 1. High Pass Filter 100hz- 120hz; (female 120- 150hz)


Step 2. De -Esser @ 6k - 7khz; reduce 5-6db; split mode


Step 3. Compressor; medium fast attack, medium fast release; 4-5db reduction


Step 4. EQ1 boost around 250hz - 350hz; 2-3db to add body and power. ( If your vocal don’t already have enough )


Step 5. EQ 2 Boost some midrange 1k- 2khz; 3-4db to add clarity and power ( If your vocal don’t already have enough )


Step 6. EQ 3 Boost around 4khz area; 3-4db for presence and brightness ( If your vocal don’t already have enough )


Step 7 EQ 4 12k-16k; 4-6db for classiness and air ( If your vocal don’t already have enough )


Step 8. Add Limiter; Knock off 1-3db


Step 9. Add a little bit of saturation for warmth. ( or before step 8)


BONUS STEP 10: Use multi-band compressor before step 8 to tame radical, annoyingly poking frequencies.

BONUS STEP 11: Loudness Maximizer for volume Waves Maxx Volume


USE YOUR EARS TO FIND TUNE ALL THESE SETTINGS. THESE ARE GUIDELINES, Some vocal may not need all the boost. But these frequencies are needed to compete with all your energetic musical track! Remember to cut some of the frequencies in the musical track.

Happy Mixing!

PS: If you need this with images in PDF FORMAT, Click link to DOWNLOAD

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