Finding A Music Producer: where you’re likely to find one

GSol the Producer working with a young rapper, ZMNY for the first time.

GSol the Producer working with a young rapper, ZMNY for the first time.

Are you planning to launch your own musical album or a record? If yes, looking for a music producer must be the first task on your list!

But as expected, sourcing for a professional producer that will help your music get out there is no walk in the park. Here are some things you need to know about before hiring them:

What Does A Music Producer Do

There are many roles a music producer plays. Some producers are musicians, and some are engineers. In a rational way, a music producer is the one who manages the three most important tasks of a recording job; which are recording, mixing, and mastering .

The producer is the only person who is responsible for making the song cohesive and worthy of publishing. Some other duties of a music producer also include choosing the co-writer of a song as well as supplying studios with the song and playing extra instruments.

To put it in simpler terms, a music producer is to a song what a film director is to a movie. He/She holds the total responsibility of bringing the best out of the musician and fitting appropriate sounds produced by sound engineers. You can personalize your experience of music production by hiring companies like GSol Production.

Music producers are also responsible for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of an artist or band. The producer can also suggest some changes to the music composition to make it sound better. And in other cases, they are responsible for handling the budget of the recording and making calculations by sticking to the budget.

US States likely to find most music producers

US States likely to find most music producers

Artists Looking For Producers

If you are an artist looking for a producer, you need to assess a few things before entering the market and beginning a search for the producer.

US Metros with 20+ Recording Studios with Paid Employees

US Metros with 20+ Recording Studios with Paid Employees

Knowing the market for your music

This is the most important and foremost question you need to ask yourself before thinking of taking your work to the market. You need to have an understanding of your audience. Who are you going to sing and play for?

Are you going to pitch to an established artist or a band? Are you going to start on YouTube and social media? An artist needs to do all these things to get through in the business. However, to assess your need for a specific kind of music producer, you need to know which task to prioritize first.

Reference tracks are the key

If you are looking to pitch to a producer, you need to know the right reference tracks to make him/her understand the genre in which you are planning to record your song. You can use the reference tracks for your benefit in different ways. You can explain your genre by representing it with a track from the same genre.

You can use these tracks if you are looking some ideas for mixing. Even better, you can also search for a rhythm & groove suitable for your song in the reference tracks. The reference tracks will also give an idea to the producers about your preferred vocal style and instrument sounds.

US employment of musicians / singers by state.  Dark greens  states likely to have most music producers.

US employment of musicians / singers by state. Dark greens states likely to have most music producers.

Looking For Music Producers

Are you going through the overwhelming task of finding music producers? GSol Production might be what you are looking for. Long gone are the days when a musician would perform while someone else is in charge of their record button.

This is an era of technology and automation, and music producers have learned to leverage the convenience offered by technology. With new-age technology, music tracks are recorded and then mixed separately.

This has become a common and popular practice now. The task of music production can be complex and requires a lot of experience. But it's no need for you to worry. As an artist or a band, now that you have chosen to hire a music producer to take up the complicated task of recording, you just need to sit back and relax while they handle all the technical work.

What To Look For In A Music Producer

It can be a tedious task looking for the perfect music producer for your album. There are a lot of producers out there, but you can only pick the right one when you understand your needs and expectations from them.

The following are some of the many questions you should ask the potential music producer before finally hiring them:

Working style

There are music producers that are comfortable working in long-lasting sessions in air conditioned and luxurious music studios. On the other hand, some are more comfortable working in the cozy environment of their own place.

This is where a conflict between you and your music producer can happen. You need to ask about the producer’s agreeable working style and environment to avoid any conflicts in the future.

Musical background

Many music producers come from a musical background or have made a past career in the field of music. By asking them about their musical background you can get to know more about their skills and interests. And if they align with yours, it will be a perfect match for both of you.


You need to be aware of your music producer’s affiliation with any labels or whether they have any connection with publishing or radio companies. This will greatly help in marketing your album at different platforms. Remember that having a producer with a lot of affiliations and connections is an added bonus.

Favorite genre

You should not forget to ask your would-be producer about their most recent favorite genre or the one they are listening to nowadays. Producers should be aware of the ongoing hits and misses in the industry. They should know a substantial amount of songs in every genre. This makes them even more capable of directing a song.

What To Expect From A Music Producer

Here are some qualities you should look out for while hiring a music producer:

  • Should be a good listener

A good music producer is one who listens more than talking. It is their job to know more about your needs and to act on them. To make this work out, the candidate should be a good listener.

  • Should be confident

If it is your first album you are planning to launch, then you need to make sure that your music producer is experienced and confident enough to guide you through your journey. However, their confidence should not have a tinge of cockiness in it.

  • They need to be empathetic

Empathy is one of the most important qualities a music producer should possess. The producer should have the empathy to understand your emotions and the specific expectations you wish to see in the song. As the producer is indirectly the director of your album, they need to understand what your perspective is.

  • Should be encouraging and passionate.

Your music producer should be equally passionate about your album and song. They should keep encouraging you to work harder. It is their passion and your efforts that are going to make the album a success.

  • Know your music style and market

As mentioned above, you should analyze your style and market before looking for a music producer. To know more about your style and market, you should assess the best selling performances and the most popular bands and albums. By making a pattern and connecting the dots you will be able to know and understand what style is currently hip in the market.

  • Find local music producers near you

There are different ways through which you can find a local music producer. You can find them by asking around from local artists and bands, as well as taking a trip down to your local clubs. When you get to know the local music scene, you can look up the artists online so that you are able to know about their music producers. Keep track of weekend nights and open mic nights, and if you find an artist that aligns with your style, you can inquire about their music producer.

When searching online, note that there are many websites where you can look for independent artists. If the work of these artists matches with yours, you can contact them to see whether you can work something out or not. You can easily get their contact information from Facebook, Instagram, etc. or from their official website.

Enquire About Producer Network

There are many producer networks which specialize in a specific genre. Some networks also provide you with samples.

All you have to do is make sure that these networks are professional. Some networks can also be searched online and while at it, remember to refer to online reviews to know more about these networks.

Ask Local Musicians And Local Studios

Local music recording studios are also a good place to hunt for music producers. You can question the local producers about their production’s and records.

If you find a record which aligns with your style and interests, you can ask about the music producer in the same studio. This will also make it easy for you to meet the music producers and plan your album in the same studio.

We at GSol Production aim to provide you with the most convenient and efficient experience of music production. We are experts in every genre and understand the strong emotions behind any album or song, so much, that we try to channel them through our services. We strive to bring out the best in you and to make your album a huge hit. Give us a call today and let us help you make your music career take off.

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