Lyricist or Songwriter | Difference Between Lyricist And Songwriter

What’s the difference? Lyricists solely write the words to a song, that’s it. A songwriter is someone who pens their own lyrics and music.

If you’re thinking of entering the music world but you’re not sure what lyricism versus songwriting bring in terms of revenue, this is the article for you. In it, we’ll provide definitions of both jobs, share clear salary guidelines, and explain what it takes to succeed. You don’t want to miss it!

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HOW TO MIX VOCALS: 7 Pro Vocal Mixing Techniques

In the vocal mixing chain, we have: 

1. Corrective EQ -  remove annoying frequencies

2. Dynamic Peak Compression -  tame unruly peaks for more consistent vocal

3. Tonal Shaping EQ - bring out presence, midrange power, and air 

4. De-Esser - reduce and tame sibilance or harshness 

5. Tonal Density Compression - create a more compactness in sound quality

6. Volume - add gain and volume

7. Saturation - warm up the sound and increase pleasant harmonics

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What is Sibilance: Definition, Effect on Audio, and Controlling Sibilance

What is Sibilance?

Simply put, sibilance is a hissing sound. Sibilance is actually a part of the phonetics of language. It's an acoustic characteristic of certain consonants and is created by the tongue directing a stream of air to the teeth. It's the hissing sound created when a person says words like this, sip, or chip. Or remember the saying "Sally sells seashells by the seashore?" That hissing is a perfect example of sibilance.

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