Audio Consulting Services


Audio Branding Services:

Acoustic Corporate Identity
Sound Branding
Corporate Film Scoring
Product Sounds


Vaisala DGA Monitor audio production

Monitor for transformers The Optimus OPT100 DGA monitor uses vacuum gas extraction, which guarantees a high extraction proportion for all gases and leads to more accurate and reliable results. When compared with traditional DGA monitors, the Optimus OPT100 DGA monitor gives you real-time monitoring with no false alarms, no maintenance - and no extra lifetime costs.


Audio Consulting services are provided to help with the following music production needs:

Music Production Consulting: Professional advice for Songwriting, Arranging, Recording, Mixing and Mastering.

Home Studio Design: Get advice that will give you a professional sound in your home studio.

Studio Equipment Recommendations: Get professional recommendations for equipment and software purchases within budgets.